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S.C.O.H. Videos

Whether it's a video of a sushi event, a sushi class or a moment captured from our group in Japan, we love uploading new videos.  So check back often to see many more!

Teaching Sushi on Houston Live

Carl Rosa, our club's founder, was live on Houston TV to show their hosts the basics of making a sushi roll...and the amazing low cost to do it yourself.  Our sushi classes (at was promoted during this TV segment.
Click here to watch the video!

Teaching Sushi on Great Day Houston

Carl Rosa was requested on Great Day Houston to show the basics of sushi and how to make it.
Ever wondered what the difference is between sashimi and sushi?  Well, watch this video and you'll understand it all!

Sashimi Isn't Sushi

Sushi Club of Houston Trip to Japan Music Video

One of our trip videos from Japan.  Enjoy!

Southbound Foods Radio Invterview with Carl Rosa

A radio interview with Carl Rosa about the documentary (and his experience) with Jiro Dreams of Sushi!

The Importance of Sushi Rice

A video about the importance of Sushi Rice!

Sukiyabashi Jiro

Ever wanted to know more about some of the greatest sushi in the world?  Carl Rosa tells you all about it!

The Fundamentals of Outstanding Sushi

Allow the 'expert of experts' to demonstrate the fundamentals of amazing sushi.

Houston's Own KUU - Amazing 'Sushi Ginger!'

Ever had the amazing ginger served at KUU?  Well, you can learn how it's made!

Sukiyabashi Jiro - Amazing Sushi

A 2.5 minute video of the greatest sushi available!  Filmed by Carl Rosa as he dined at the restaurant in Tokyo.
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