About the Sushi Club of Houston

The Sushi Club of Houston was founded on October 16th, 2006 by Mr. Carl Rosa, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana.

After moving from New Orleans, due to Hurricane Katrina, Carl purchased a home in Kingwood, Texas.  While driving through the streets of Houston, he and his wife decided to enjoy one of his first dinners in Houston - sushi. According to Carl, it was one of the worst dining experiences of his life.  Concerned that his meal would be indicative of a common sushi experience in Houston, he attempted to find sushi recommendations from experienced Houstonians.  He searched the internet to find a club, group, newsletter, website or organization dedicated to sushi.  After an extensive search (and finding nothing of value), he purchased the domain name (www.houston-sushi.com) and officially founded the club.  Seven years later, the club has hosted more than 420 dining events and more than 36 separate trips to Japan for our members.  Today, the Sushi Club of Houston supports more than 9,000 registered members while hosting sake tastings, sushi classes, tours to Japan and instructional videos.  Today, it is considered to be the largest sushi-based organization in the United States.  Mr. Rosa is also a sushi instructor, a professional public speaker regarding the Japanese culture and also founder of the first and only ramen dining group named 'Ramen in Common' (website). He offers classes, public presentations and speaking engagements and specific programs at no charge to the community whatsoever.

The Sushi Club of Houston works with (and manages) the Asian Dining Group and Ramen in Common.

Members join online (which requires online registration through the club website).  There is no cost to join and membership is free.  You are never expected to pay dues, purchase products, attend meetings or charged fees.  Each month, our Sushi Club team visits sushi/Japanese restaurants to negotiate an innovative menu at a reasonable value.  All costs are factored into the meal (entrees, taxes, non-alcoholic beverage, gratuity, appetizers, dessert).  Once a series of events are organized and confirmed with each restaurant, the events are announced online.  Members are allowed to register upon receipt of the email (first come, first serve basis). Your registration for each event is confirmed.  A few days before the event takes place, you must confirm your seat(s) once more.  This ensures that every seat at the event is filled without exception.  Failure to attend, after confirming your seat before the event, will result in immediately removal from club without exceptions.  Our goal is to ensure that an empty seat does not exist at the event.

Before the events take place, members will receive a document (via email) informing them of the specifics of the function.  Since every event is different, we provide parking recommendations, driving directions, a summary of the menu, suggested dress code, etc.

You are allowed to purchase your own alcoholic (wine, cocktails, sake), however you must do so using a separate check.  The cost of our meals are finalized beforehand to ensure that everyone pays the same price at the event.  Purchasing your own alcohol is entirely up to you, using a separate check.

Typically, every meal is paid in cash to the restaurant.  This saves the restaurant money, ensuring that they will place every meal on one dinner bill and not require the use of a credit card or separate checks.  Credit card companies charge the restaurants a percentage of their sales when meals are charged.  Paying the restaurant in cash removes that cost.  Inevitably, the restaurants pass the savings onto us with great appreciation.

Rude or abusive behavior to the wait staff is not permitted.  We treat them with respect and expect the same treatment to be reciprocated.

If you have an interest in hosting an event with our organization, please note that our group isn't designed for profit, so we would merely request a reimbursement of expenses.  If our group collaborates with your office, business, society or performance, we merely ask to be repaid for fuel and materials.  For more information regarding our club and its function, please contact the Sushi Club of Houston at your convenience.