The top ten sushi restaurants (below) are listed alphabetically.  This list encompasses our recommendations for the year (2013).  If you have questions regarding our top ten list, contact the Sushi Club of Houston for more information.

Long before most Houstians even cared about sushi, this spot was serving it.  Many Japanese businessmen (during Houston's oil boom) spent unlimited hours at Ginza - drinking sake and eating sushi.  Though times have changed, Ginza hasn't.  If you've ever had the opportunity to sit in a quaint, busy sushi restaurant beneath a Tokyo-based railway system, you'll feel right at home.  It's small and completely lacking an interest in following today's trends.  Ginza is the type of establishment that you sit down with a hot sake, order from the sushi menu and converse with your friends for hours.  Best of all, regarding sushi, the portions are acceptable for the value.  That is hard to beat.
The Popping RollA 5 piece sushi roll that provides a fantastic series of flavors and even lists on the menu under $9.00.
Sushi Combination Lunches: Ginza offers a variety of sushi-based combo lunches - Sushi/Tempura, Sushi/Beef Teriyaki and more.
Special Combo Dinners:  Ginza offers eight combo dinners, all including options for your consideration: sushi, sashimi or tempura.
1. Try to get there before the dinner rush.  Not only will the restaurant quickly fill to capacity, but parking will become a challenge.
2.  Consider using one of their three private rooms.
3.  If you enjoy scallop sushi, always consider it.  When available, Ginza trys to provide the largest scallops.
4.  If Ginza becomes a personal hot spot for you, spend some time to get to know the management.  This is a small spot where 'everybody knows your name.' 
5.  On Saturday, Ginza is only open for dinner (doors open at 5:30 pm).

When most people think of a 'sushi restaurant,' they imagine an elaborately decorated establishment with kimonos and flowery Japanese music in the background.  The best part about Hiro Sushi is that it breaks that stereotype in half.  Located off of highway 6, Hiro Sushi has been open for some time but rarely receives the acclaim that it deserves.  Why?  Probably due to its location.  Nestled in the northwest corner beneath I-290, it sits in a common shopping mall (across from a 'Dress Barn'), Hiro Sushi offers a simplistic approach to sushi...which, at times, can be the best method.  Chef Hiro operated a sushi establishment in the Woodlands before moving to its existing location.  Additionally, we enjoyed Hiro's emphasis on 'No Soy Paper and No Brown Rice.'  Though we don't care either way, we found it novel that they stood for a prinicple and proud of it. The menu is simple, the sushi was rated above average during three anonymous visits and the value more than acceptable....what a concept.   An asset to northwest Houston.
The Sashimi Bento LunchA sizable lunch for only $13.00.
The Orange Dragon Roll: Apparently a very popular roll for its flavor, simplicity and reasonable price - Spicy Salmon/Avocado (on the inside) Tuna (on the outside), only $9.00.
Weekend Specials:  Hiro Sushi provides two dine-in specials for sushi lovers who enjoy a great sushi meal on a Saturday or Sunday evening.
Sushi and Sashimi Special:  Nicknamed 'Take' on the menu, you'll receive tuna, salmon and tai (red snapper) sashimi along with 5 pieces of nigiri sushi (Chef Hiro's choice).
1.  Hiro's doesn't begin until 11:30 am.  If you arrive early, planning to avoid the lunch rush at 11:00 am, you'll find the doors locked.
2.  You won't see Hiro Sushi from the highway.  If you spot a 'Beauty Brands' salon supply shop, Hiro's resides on the opposite side of the same structure.
3.  Hiro Sushi is closed on Mondays.

Kata Robata, located at the corner of Richmond and Kirby Dr., officially opened for business in May 2009.  Under the creative control of their executive chef, Manabu Horiuchi, Kata quickly became one of the most highly regarded sushi spots in Houston. Kata possesses a devoted team of hard working employees that seem to genuinely care about the satisfaction of their establishment.  The sushi rice is carefully prepared.  The fish and vegetable selections are fresh. Additionally, Kata's entire menu provides a diverse selection of sushi and non-sushi related suggestions.
The Rising Sun Sushi RollA sushi roll comprised of yellowtail, avocado, and peppercorn tuna combined with a truffle vinaigrette.
Chirashi: A classic Japanese sushi menu item.  At Kata, we recommend this item due to the 'combining quality' of fish with sushi rice.
Kata's Sashimi Combo:  A fresh combination of tuna, salmon and hamachi.
Kata's Sushi Platter:  A sizable offering of 10 pcs of nigiri sushi and a standard roll.
1. When your schedule allows, always visit Kata before 6:00 pm or after 8:30 pm to ensure prompt seating.  If the weather is ideal, ask to be seated on the patio.
2.  Consider sitting at the sushi bar when the opportunity arises.
3.  Always ask for recommendations and sake/sushi-related pairings from the wait staff. 
4.  The parking lot is sizable and free to all patrons.  If the parking lot is full, there may be a handful of open spots behind the restaurant itself.

Kubo's Sushi Bar & Grill is located on the second floor of the Rice Village Shopping Center and has been a hallmark of the Houston-area sushi world for more than 11 years.  Most sushi lovers aren't aware that Kubo's has not only led the field in sushi long before it became trendy, but was the training ground for sushi restaurant owners, managers and even chefs.  Their menu strives to be traditional while offering a suitable portion of contemporary items for those who are just beginning to learn the ropes of sushi.  Kubo's isn't interested in offering 'trendy' cuisine.  They have an interest in Japanese cuisine.  Long after sushi is no longer trendy, Kubo's will still be offering the same traditional menu.
Kubo's Lobster RollA sizable sushi roll, loaded with fresh seafood.  A great roll for two to share for dinner.
ShokadoBento: One of the most traditional Japanese lunches in Houston.
Aburi Sake:  Freshly seared salmon nigiri.  Oustanding.
Kubo's Sushi Platter: 10 pcs of premium nigiri sushi and a one standard sushi roll.
Chef's Omakase Sashimi:  A sashimi combination, intended for two people.
1. Take advantage of Kubo's happy hour.  It's hard to beat (try the salmon sampler).
2.  For an intimate setting, request for private room in the back of the restaurant, seats up to 4 people.  Request it before visiting.
3.  Sit at the sushi bar and review the sushi specials board.  Surprises may await you.  
4.  The parking lot, connected to the shopping center, is complimentary to all Kubo's customers, up to 3 hours.   Obtain a validation card from the hostess desk.

When we first learned about Masa (the Woodlands location), it was an unknown quantity.  It's not that no one was raving about one was referencing it at all.  After four reviews during 2012, we were amazed to discover their considerable effort to provide authentic and traditional sushi rice.  Three out of four reviews graded the rice 'near perfect' - a rarity in Houston.  Additionally, the owner (and sushi chef) of Masa (Kitamura-san) began his sushi training in Osaka, Japan before transporting his skills to the United States.  The sushi was graded as 'above average,' the restaurant was unmistakably clean and, of course, the rice....ideal.  With an undeniably high rating, Masa made the list.
Sushi Lunch, Chef's Special Chef Kitamura-san offers a 5-piece nigiri lunch with an accompanying sushi roll.
Masa's Chirashi: A fantastic medley of 9 portions of sushi-grade fish with first-rate sushi rice.
Sukeroku:  For those who appreciate a traditional sushi option - Inari sushi with 4 pieces of Futomaki (large roll).
Authentic Dessert: Consider the Azuki Yaki Mochi (grilled rice cake with red bean sauce).
1. If your visit to Masa happens to be your first visit, sit at the sushi bar and chat with Chef Kitamura.  You'll learn a lot and make a friend at the same time.
2.  If a private dinner is more your speed, request the small tatami-style private room...but inquire first (availability).
3.  Masa is located within a shopping center, near the 'Sears Hardware.'  

Michiru Sushi came close to being considered a contender for 2014, but we were able to squeeze three random reviews in before January 1st of 2013.  It goes without saying that a new sushi establishment will typically have great decor.  Thanks to new countertops, fresh flooring and a virtually unused sushi bar, Michiru looks great.  What impressed our reviewers more than anything was the sushi dinners - both in quality and service.  Unless you live in southern Houston, Michiru's I-59 location is a new, secondary sushi spot from their initial establishment in Webster, Texas.   The sushi is fresh. The rice is suitable. The ambiance is ideal. The customer service is great.  Michiru, welcome to the top ten.
Live ScallopWhile many sushi restaurants in Houston offer it as a special, this remains a consistent item on Michiru's sushi menu.
The Pacific Roll: A sushi roll offering a combination of great flavors as well as textures - tempura'd lobster tail, crabmeat salad and avocado.  Great flavor combined with a great crunch.
The Wild Salmon Roll:  Rarely do you notice a signature sushi roll with asparagus, but this one was worthy ordering twice:  A roll containing peppered salmon, Asparagus and avocado then topped with fresh salmon, lime and wasabi tobiko.
1.  Although Michiru doesn't provide a happy hour, they offer suitable pricing that negates the need for one.
2.  For sushi eaters who appreciate a healthier option, brown rice is available for their bento box lunch options.
3.  Michiru's sushi and sashimi lunch is great option to consider - 4 pieces of sushi, 6 pieces of sashimi and a common California roll.  
4.  Can't locate it? Michiru is located next to the Joel Osteen Ministries building.

In all honestly, MF Sushi wasn't originally slated to be listed on our Top Ten for the year.  After a single review before the end of 2012, we were more than willing to say - "you have a great chance next year."  In our review of the restaurant, we made a short list of recommendations that MF Sushi should consider rectifying.  To our delight, every recommendation was rectified immediately.  This, to us, proves that a business owner (who takes criticism as 'room for improvement') will succeed.  We recommend finding a seat in front of the sushi bar, allowing Chef Chris Kinjo to show off his talents.  Enjoy the sushi, enjoy the performance and enjoy the conversation.  MF Sushi is new to the city.  If they can maintain the same level of improvement for the year, they might be the biggest sushi attraction that Westheimer has had in a while.  Simply put, this is the sushi spot where you should always sit at the sushi bar and forego the appetizers.  One note - we do not recommend group setting for MF Sushi.  While enjoying a sushi dinner at the sushi bar is recommended, they are not capable of group settings.  A sushi bar experience at MF Sushi is recommended but consider other options for group dinners.
Tamago Nigiri One of the most authentic forms of nigiri - made from eggs, mountain potato, cold sake and more.
Omakase Literally means 'I'll leave it up to you.'  Sitting at MF's sushi bar and receiving an omakase would be a great dinner for just about anyone.
Sushi Combination Lunches Choose from options A thru E:  All provide quality sushi-based options (5 pcs of nigiri) and a sushi roll.
1.  MF Sushi shares their parking lot with a handful of businesses.  Although there are parking spaces alloted for MF Sushi patrons, you can also find parking on Fountainview.
2. Sit at the sushi bar.  We do not recommend group events.
3.  Review their sake list.  It's a simple list of fantastic options.

Osaka Japanese Restaurant, located near Houston's downtown sector, has been offering sushi lovers a great spot for lunch and dinner for a long time.  Despite the growing competition in the area, their customer base is steadily improving.  Why?  Because sushi lovers are sampling the competition and realizing that most menu prices aren't matching the value.  While enjoying a meal at Osaka, every customer receives a small, complimentary appetizer and dessert...on the house.  The restaurant is spacious and recently reconstructed.  A new, small private room awaits any sushi celebration.  Near Westheimer and Montrose, it's hard to find a suitable substitute in relation to value.
Sushi and Sashimi CombinationA great sushi option to consider when you're in the need for a filling sushi-filled dinner.
Makimono Combination: A sizable offering of common sushi rolls for less than $20.  A great sushi appetizer for those who wish to share the plate.
Sushi/Tempura Lunch: A wonderful offering of sushi and tempura shrimp and vegetables for less than $13.00.
1. Always visit Osaka with an empty stomach.  Considering the complimentary appetizers and desserts offered, it can make a difference after your factor in your meal.
2.  When you can, ask to be seated in the raised dining area on the opposite side of the restaurant.  Especially at dinnertime, it's less crowded and quieter.
3.  If the parking lot is full, we recommend parking in the subdivision behind the restaurant - a quaint neighborhood that even hosts a neighborhood watch program.

During the first three years of the Sushi Club of Houston's existence, we provided 'Top Ten Lists' for traditional Japanese cuisine.  By the fourth year, we were receiving dozens of emails from members who were asking for 'Fusion Sushi' recommendations.  While every Houston-area sushi spot provides their share of fusion rolls, very few consider it a fundamental focus of their menu.  Redfish Seafood Grill not only focus on fusion sushi but they've made it a hallmark of their establishment.  One visit to one of their locations (either I-249 or I-290) and you'll find the staff to be remarkably friendly while serving 14, 15 and 16 pc eye-widening fusion sushi rolls.   Even better, the owners of Redfish (David and Rolita Chang) are the types of people who will happily clean the floors and prepare the tables with their employees.  Simply put, they know their establishment in-and-out.  If you're looking for fusion sushi rolls, this is it.
The Firecracker RollOne of the menu items ordered by dedicated Redfish patrons.  The roll will span the length of your plate and cost you less than $12.
The Eel Lover Roll: Imagine a 'Caterpillar Roll' on steroids.
The Hot Chic Roll: Ten ingredients in one roll and the most roll popular ordered.
The Fish Lover Roll: Fried bay snapper, spicy tuna, avocado, salmon and roasted ginger garlic pesto.  How's that for fusion?
1. If you've never been to Redfish (the 249 location) before, it's important to understand that you aren't looking for a typical sushi establishment.  Redfish's exterior resembles a seafood restaurant/establishment.
2.  Thanks to the large, connecting parking lot, there's unlimited/free parking.
3.  On a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, make a reservation. 


 Soma Sushi opened its doors to the public in January 2008, occupying a prime spot on Washington Ave.  Due to their undeniable success, a handful of sushi spots have staked their claim along side them.  And while every sushi establishment has their pro's and con's, Soma has consistently maintained a level of service and quality that few can match.  From the bar to the dining area, the amibance is first rate.  The private dining areas (upstairs) are wonderful spots for any special gathering.  The sushi menu (both lunch and dinner) offer a wide selection of options.  Great example - You have the option of purchasing their Chirashi (including 10 types of sashimi) for $25, or the 'Chirashi 2.0' - an impressive upgrade of sushi selections for $40.  That's innovative thinking.  That's diversity.  That's Soma.
Black Tiger Prawn Ebi Nigiri Soma provides the option of trying something different when it comes to the classic ebi nigiri.
Seared Mackerel Nigiri with Fresh Ginger: If you've never been a big fan of Saba (Mackerel) we recommend you give this a try.
The Toro Crunch Roll: Imagine a roll containing fatty tuna, blue fin tuna, scallion tempura and Black tobiko.
The Heirloom Spider Roll: This pushes the common spider roll to the next level - a 'must try.'
1. When dinnertime kicks in gear, Soma offers complimentary valet parking - an ideal option on Washington Ave.
2.  To really appreciate the 'Soma Experience,' order a sake from their great drink menu and relax at the bar before dinner.
3.  Requesting their private room, seating about 10 people for a great group dinner.